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Great families are posting new maid jobs every day. After you create your profile you can directly apply to all posted jobs. Just log-in to your account, view the jobs you are interested in and select 'apply to job' to send the employer a message.

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Login to your account frequently to check your Inbox for messages from employers. Using our internal messaging system you can send and receive messages direct with employers. But don't wait for employers to contact you. The best jobs go to maids who login often and directly apply to new job posts.

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in 4 easy steps.

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Common Questions

Is this an agency?

We are not an agency. We are an online service that helps connect great helpers (maids and nannies) to jobs with great families. Everything is completely free for maids, always. We are not a middle man. You will contact employers directly and discuss your work contract, visa details, and salary directly with employers

How much is the salary?

We do not hire you. You set a contract and salary directly with the employer. Many of the jobs posted by families offer between 1800-2500 QAR, and one or two days off per week (for an experienced maid who already lives in Qatar). The choice to take a job or a salary is always yours. 

How do I apply to jobs?

Remember that employers are waiting for you to apply to jobs. Sign-up to create your free account and send messages and apply to jobs direct to employer. Already have an account? Just Log-in and go to the 'Jobs' page and begin applying. Remember, maids who login often and apply to jobs frequently will usually get the best jobs!