How it works

Get a job as a nanny

Expat employers are hiring! Apply to employers and jobs directly. All you need to do is register and create your free online profile. After you create your profile you can Log-in to your account and message employers direct from your Doha Nanny messenger.

Is this an agency?

We are not an agency. We are an online job site that helps you post your bio-data and profile online for employers to see. There is no sign up fee. No placement fee. No commitment. It only takes 5 minutes to create your free online profile.

How do I get hired?

You will apply and respond to employers directly (no middle man). If you agree to work with a new employer they will arrange hiring, contracts and sponsorship with you directly. For local sponsorship transfer YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GET YOUR NOC (employer release).


Create your free online maid profile in just 5 minutes. Sign up with Facebook (or email) and enter your bio-data information. After you create your profile, LOG-IN to your account and apply directly to employers by sending message on YOUR INBOX. Click on JOBS to apply directly to employers.

*some members are unable to upload profile photos when registering. Please send your profile photo to us on Facebook messenger and we will fix it for you.

Common Questions

Do I need an NOC?

Yes. If you work in Qatar and want a new employer, you must have an employer release or NOC from your current employer.  Ask your employer to give you one. If you do not reside in Qatar, you do not need an NOC or employer release.

How much is the salary?

We do not hire you. You set a contract directly with the employer. The minimum wage (for Filipinas) is 1500QR. Many of our family members offer 1800-2500Q, and one or two days off per week, for an experienced maid who already lives in Qatar. You get to apply to employers direct and decide if you take the job or not.

How do I Log in?

If you forget how to log in, please message or email us with your profile name and we will reset your password.

Please read our FAQ (in tagalog) for all other questions.

You can also reach us on our Facebook page